Premarital Financial Counseling

Know what to expect about managing finances when considering a committment of life long partnership and how different spending and savings habits impact your future

More than a peek behind the curtain…

It is good for couples to discuss money prior to getting married, however different views on the subject matter can create uncomfortable tension. In fact, conflict over money is one of the leading causes of separation and divorce. Often times, the ‘love and marriage’ focus causes a couple to skip over the ‘money and marriage’ discussion which is imperative, especially when it comes to financial planning and spending habits.

Having a better understanding of what your partner believes and how they feel about money related matters now will help bring you together as a couple, rather than find yourselves operating against each other on rival teams in the future. Everyone brings something different to a marriage in terms of finances. You probably know each others’ history pretty well in other areas of life, but how much do you know about each others’ financial situation?

Our basic philosophy is rooted in the belief that building a healthy financial relationship with your potential life partner stems from being genuinely open and honest about your history with money, current financial realities whether good or bad, and plans for the future. Helping individual couples make lasting changes to improve their relationships and quality of their financial lives is important to us.

We are rather optimistic and have always had an interest in how things are perceived and how to amplify positivity. List making, goal setting, visualization, personal improvements, and setting the right examples are some methods and strategies that tend to have the desired results. We encourage the utilization of strength based approaches, to empower our clients to become their best authentic financial selves, achieve their goals, dreams, and overcome daily obstacles.

The reason we do this is because of how much of a blessing it is to be able to witness a couple build upon who they are today to become who they want to be tomorrow. We strive to empower partners to reach their goals by identifying strategies to help them develop their own solutions based on the unique strengths of each individual.

We can certainly create a space to help couples participate in dialogue and have these discussions before the big day. Working with a premarital financial counselor will encourage couples to develop a plan for money, discuss their values and goals, talk about the debt they bring to the marriage, check each of their credit reports for truth, knowledge sharing, and accuracy. Let us help you with:

  • Premarital Financial Counseling
  • How to Set a Monthly Budget
  • Credit Report Exchange Session
  • How to Handle Debt
  • General Financial Help and Strategies
  • Online Web-Based or In-Person Appointments
  • Cash Flow Management

If you are plagued by debt or just want ideas on sound financial strategies, we can connect you with a Primary Care Financial Professional.

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Session Activity:
Cash Flow Management
Premarital Financial Counseling
Set Up Monthly Budget
Credit Report Exchange